Trucking Companies In Texas

Trucking Companies In Texas

Trucking Companies In Texas

Trucking Companies in Texas

Texas ranks in the first position among the states with the highest number of truck drivers. There are over 170,000 truckers in Texas, transporting at least 70% of the state’s manufactured products. Businesses rely heavily on Texas’ trucking industry, moving cereals, animals, meat, oil, and fertilizer through trucks.

Getting a trucking company to move your goods may become challenging due to the sheer number of companies to choose. However, business owners can simplify the process if they knew what qualities to examine. Here, we present a guide to hiring a trucking company in Texas, including a bonus section on top Texas trucking companies.

How To Hire The Best Trucking Company In Texas

Every person or business has unique needs. Therefore, an ideal trucking company for one business may fail to serve the needs of another. Consider the following when selecting:

  • Reliability: The trucking company you hire should guarantee on-time delivery on the budget provided. They should have a way to pull through minor and severe accidents on the road. Furthermore, the company should have an accurate tracking system and 24/7 customer service. A company such as American Freight Trucking excels on reliability among other qualities.
  • Pricing: A top trucking company should have programs to reward loyal customers and high budget clients.
  • Experience: Be sure that the company you hire has the relevant experience in the trucking business. However, a young trucking company with a good reputation should have an equal chance of getting the job.
  • Cargo: Some trucking companies excel in transporting some cargo types that they do in others. Ensure the company you hire is an expert in carrying your kind of load.

Top Trucking Companies in Texas

To simplify your search, read through a list of top trucking companies in no particular order. Included is a remark on what makes each company stand out.

American Freight Inc. Flatbed Freight Trucking

Based in Central Texas, American Freight Inc. (  . is among the most well respected trucking companies in Texas. Carriers can sign up on the company’s platform and look for loads. Similarly, shippers can search for drivers to move cargo for them.

Outstanding feature

American Freight Trucking has among the most advanced technologies a trucking company can employ. As such, it’s tracking systems and insights are second to none.

Stevens Transport

Based in Dallas, Texas, Stevens Transport a road carrier of sand, hazardous and refrigerated products. The company has an expansive fleet and engages over 2500 drivers. Stevens boasts of hiring expert drivers. Also, the company enhances its reliability through technology.

Outstanding Feature

Stevens Transport’s department of transporting refrigerated products is the largest in Texas. It is the go-to company for the transport of perishable commodities.

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.

A Dallas trucking company, Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. is a veteran regional and national Less Than Truckload (LTL) transporter. The company has strategically acquired other companies over the years. Today, it has 239 service centers and over 20,000 employees.

Outstanding Feature

Old Dominion has spent over eighty years in the trucking industry. As such, it ranks among the most experienced company in the field.

Ceva Logistics

Based in Houston, Texas, Ceva Logistics is a big player in the trucking industry, with 605 trucks in its fleet. Ceva is a customer-first company. It strives to perfect its quality standards for superior customer service.

Outstanding feature

Ceva Logistics’ list of the cargo they transport is extensive. Not only does the company carry solid materials, but also liquid and gaseous commodities.

Bancroft & Sons Transport Inc.

Based in Grand Prairie, Texas, Bancroft & Sons Transport Inc. comes across a well-established trucking company. The company has been in operation since 1969. Today, it boasts of over 175 state-of-art trucks that make up its fleet.

Outstanding Feature

Bancroft & Sons Transport Inc. is a family-owned company. Its leadership is sound, which causes a ripple effect spanning to reliability, flexibility, and honesty.

Coastal Transport

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Coastal Transport is a leading transporter of petroleum and other liquid products. The company has a dedicated fleet of over 360 tank trailers. During the sixty years Coastal Transport has been in operation, its reach has spread to three states excluding Texas.

Outstanding Feature

Coastal Transport has among the largest fleets dedicated to the transport of petroleum. It is the go-to company for oil products and hazardous commodities.