Why Is The Gospel Called The Good News

The gospel is good news. But what is the good news? The gospel is necessary in order to change the heart from its natural pursuit and slavery to sin toward the pursuit of things pertaining to Christ.

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THE GOSPEL IS THE POWER OF GOD’S GOOD NEWS FOR NEEDY PEOPLE. The gospel is indeed the greatest gift of God this world has ever known, and it is God’s gift to spiritually starving people who live in what can be called ‘the kingdom of self,’ rather than ‘the Kingdom of God.’ The gospel is what causes us to live above law, religion, and the masses of humanistic religiosity.

In Luke, Jesus says he has come “to bring good news to the poor” (4:18). In this Gospel, we find the parables of the good … The catholic charismatic renewal, which some have called “the Latin …

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The Message of Jesus: The Gospel Really Is Good News When people gather in churches after a disaster, they come to hear words of comfort, encouragement and hope. Yet, try as they might to bring hope to a grieving people, some Christian leaders unwittingly proclaim a message that amounts to despair, hopelessness and fear for people whose loved ones died without having first professed faith in Jesus Christ.

Jan 10, 2019  · The gospel is good news because it infuses hope. Situations that normally would have caused problems and difficulties are made well with the working power of the gospel. People who should have died of dejection come back to life because of the word of the gospel.

The themes of political healing and reconciliation that are at the core of his message, he says, are guided by Scripture, …

THERE IS GOOD NEWS - Gospel = Good NewsI’m working so hard to be good, but bad things keep happening to me. Why doesn’t God help? A: My friend … The Apostle Paul …

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