Which Question Would Not Be Helpful To You In Developing Content For A Bad-news Message?

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Start studying Business communication ch. 6. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. … The ACE process can help you think critically about your "bad-news" situation and compose a message that achieves a good outcome. … -Ask questions that help you develop content

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chapter 6 quiz questions Which question would NOT be helpful to you in developing content for a bad-news message? What medium should I use to deliver the bad news? Which communication medium would you use to tell an employee that she got a lower bonus than projected? Face – to – face Which communication medium would you use to give the public notice of a product recall?

Good News & Bad News Messages Short Questions and Answers of Business Communication...10. Should you apologize in a bad news message? Why or why not? As long as the apology does not admit fault or liability, a well-worded apology can show you care, so apologies can be used, but carefully. However, do not apologize for minor errors or any serious trouble or inconvenience for which you or the company is responsible. 11.

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Which question below is NOT designed to yield helpful information about this audience? How much time do you have to persuade key decision makers? In most business presentations, the main message should do all of these things EXCEPT ________.

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